Recording studio / Custom drum tracks

Welcome to Mikael Wikman Drum Studio!
In a recording situation, we need to freely transform our vision to reality with ease and confidence.
For musicians who want to record their tracks either in a studio (Stockholm Sweden) or via a virtual studio online, Mikael Wikman Drum Studio offers professional service, the highest quality equipment and extensive knowledge to allow you to fully express yourself and produce top quality audio tracks for your project.

I offer a great recording environment for musicians and artists to let their creativity shine. While drums and drum tracking are my specialty, I also offer instrument and vocal recording as well as editing, mixing and full production.

Virtual Recording Studio

I provide a high quality virtual recording studio for artists anywhere in the world. My Online Drum Recording service is a great solution if you need custom live played drum tracks, specifically recorded for your musical project. You can manage your project from the comfort of your home or your own studio at a fraction of the cost of hiring a studio, a drummer and an engineer.


My studio and the drum kits are always ready to roll. Just upload your songs and tell me what you want. You’ll have plenty of room to express your needs during the production. At the end of the production, I'll send you separate drum tracks that you can import into your own software and mix them as you like. I can also do the mix for you if you prefer.

With the latest technology on the internet, editing and updating audio files can be done quickly and easily these days. I have plenty of experience working with drums to ensure that you get top quality drum tracks for your project. You're always welcome to send your own drummer to track the drums in my studio as well.



Make your music vision a reality with a fully equipped recording studio

Manage your next studio projects with custom drum tracks

Ready to make some recordings? My recording studio is built with special attention to superior acoustic sound.

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I specialize in drum recordings and overdubs to provide your recordings with the best possible drum tracks.

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